• Kit Includes - One 537Wh CellPowa 500 and one SolarPowa 100.

  • Power your devices - Two 60w Type-C ports and two 18w USB-A support fast charge simultaneously for 4 devices. And it also has extra 2 pure sine wave AC outlets(peak 1000W) and 2 DC ouputs.

  • Fast Charge - SolarPowa 100 offers 24V/4.16A output that is specially designed for CellPowa 500. You can easily get a backup power supply while camping, off-grid home, or hurricane season.

  • High Safety LifePo4 Battery - CellPowa 500 power station used the upgraded LiFepo4 battery which offers a 2000+ cycle life, more than 10 years battery life.

  • Pass-through Charging for DC Ports - Please notice that the DC output can support pass-through charging, but the AC output can't.





Get Power Anywhere, Anytime

BigBlue combines CellPowa 500 portable charging station with SolarPowa 100 solar panel, to convert solar energy into electrical energy and store it in the power station, let you enjoy the solar journey.

CellPowa 500

Power All Night

CellPowa 500, a powerful and safety solar power station that can offer 500W of the power with a 537.6Wh capacity, you can power your devices anytime you need.

It built in high safety LifePo4 battery, which will not catch the fire and explosion compared to traditional NCA or NCM batteries.

SolarPowa 100

Charge All Day

The SolarPowa 100W uses ETFE one piece lamination technology, it can offer up to 23% of the conversion rate. It also supports  24V/4.16A output, which allows the CellPowa 500 to be fully charged in 6.5 hours.

Endless Power

Built with more user-friendly handle to carry easily for outdoor activities, you can take it whenever without worrying about running out of power.

Multiple Recharge & Charge Ports

More Fun on Your Explore

How long does the CellPowa 500 take fully charge with SolarPowa 100? 

It will take about 6 hours to fully charge with only the SolarPowa 100 solar panel. Customers can use 2 x 60W PD USB-C and DC input to charge at the same time, it will take only 2 hous to get 80% power.

How to know if CellPowa 500 power station can charge my device?

Please check out your device's operating power, if it is no more than the output power of the CellPowa 500(about 600Wh), then it can charge your deivce.

Are these products waterproof?

Yes, they can be used humid environment, some dew and fog will not affect to use, but please don't put them in the water or keep in the rain. 

Can I connect multiple panels together?

Of course you can use the SAE cable to connect with another solar panel.

Does the CellPowa 500 support pass-through charging?

Our DC output can support pass-through charging, but AC output can't.


The New Arrival CellPowa 2500 is coming, welcome to join the CellPowa 2500 Facebook group to get more informations!

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