• 19.8V/5.05A Output - Solarpowa 100 is a 100W monocrystalline ETFE solar panel, widely compatible with most power stations on the market

  • Longer Life-span ETFE - Solarpowa 100 combines high quality ETFE, UV-resistant EVA and efficient solar cells

  • IP65 Waterproof - Solarpowa 100 uses BigBlue's latest ETFE one piece lamination technology

  • 22% Solar Conversion Rate - Higher conversion efficiency than other PET and polycrystalline solar panels to extract more electricity from the sun

  • Integral handle and Kickstand - Convenient to take anywhere. Adjustable kickstand for more solar power





100W ETFE Portable Solar Panel

Solarpowa 100 solar panel (18V version) with 19.8V/5.05A output is designed for most power stations on the market. Accessories include SAE Connector, 1* SAE to DC 5.5x2.5mm Cable, 1* SAE to MC4 Cable, 1* 10-in-1 Adaptors

Compatible with most solar generators

Solarpowa 100 (18V version) is a portable ETFE solar panel designed for most power stations on the market

You can freely choose solar panels for your power station to achieve solar freedom


Longer Life-span ETFE Panels

This special ETFE surface can reach to IP65 waterproof that protect it from occasional rain or wet fog. It protects solar cells well and is not easy to fade and split


BigBlue ETFE One Piece Lamination Technology enables it to be IP65 waterproof, which means you can use it outdoors on wet morning, light rainy days

Foldable and portable

The integrated handle of Solarpowa 100 makes it easy to carry. Ultra-thin size and sturdy materials make it extremely portable and durable

Connected in series and parallel

Why can't the solar panel reach its rated 100W?

The rated output of this solar panel is 19.8V/5.05A, but the actual output of solar panels is affected by sunlight strength and lighting angle

How many holes are there in the corners?

Please check out your device's operating power, if it is no more than the output power of the Cellpowa 500(about 600Wh), then our power station can charge your device.

Does this model restart if the sun is blocked by clouds, or does the power station need to be disconnected and reconnected? 

Yes, when the solar panel is re-illuminated by the sun, it will automatically restart charging the power station, no need to reconnect

Whether the two panels of Solarpowa 100 are connected in series or parallel?

It's connected in parallel, this means that when one panel is covered, the other panel can still provide maximum 50W output

Could it be fixed to the roof as a semi-permanent structure?

No, Solarpowa 100 is a portable ETFE solar panel, long-term exposure to the outdoors will greatly reduce its lifespan

Does this solar panel has any protection?

Yes, the solar panel has an anti-short-circuit diode

Does Solarpowa 100 come with MPPT?

No, MPPT controller is usually found in power stations


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