Powerful and reliable

SolarPowa 200 Portable Solar Panel

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Power for Fun

SolarPowa 200 with 52.8V/3.78A can provide the environmental friendly solar energy. It takes only 1.5 hours to charge the CellPowa 2500 portable power station via 6pcs solar panels, say goodbye to long waiting in outdoors.

200W Max Output for Fast Charge to 80%

Higher Solar Energy Conversion

By Using ETFE one piece lamination technology, the conversion rate of transparent material in one piece can be increased by 5%, which means that  can offer a conversion rate up to 23%.

Longer Life-span ETFE Panels

SolarPowa 200 is built with high quality ETFE membrane material with excellent features - fire resistance, excellent solar transmittance, and self-cleaning nature. And it has a high UV permeability up to 95% which means that maximum solar energy penetrates the solar cells for power production.

IP68 Waterproof

Featured with IP68 waterproof and folding design, suitable for camping, hiking, climbing or any other outdoor activities.

Widely Compatitve

Come with a commen MC4 Solar port, SolarPowa 200 is compatible with the most power stations on the market.

Foldable And Portable

The integrated handle of SolarPowa 200 makes it easy to carry. Ultra-thin size and sturdy materials make it extremely portable and durable.

Can this solar panel charge for a third-part power station?

Yes, as long as the power stations have MC4 connectors and support the output specifications of SolarPowa 200.

Why can't the solar panel reach its rated 200W?

The rated output of this solar panel is 52.8V/3.78A, but the actual output of solar panels is affected by sunlight strength and lighting angle.

Does this model restart if the sun is blocked by clouds, or does the power station need to be disconnected and reconnected? 

Yes, when the solar panel is re-illuminated by the sun, it will automatically restart charging the power station, no need to reconnect.

Whether the two panels of SolarPowa 200 are connected in series or parallel?

Our SolarPowa 200 adopts 2 series and 2 parallel mode (2S2P), it means that when one panel or two adjacent panels are covered, the rest panels can still provide maximum 100W output.

Could it be fixed to the roof as a semi-permanent structure?

No, SolarPowa 200 is a portable ETFE solar panel, long-term exposure to the outdoors will greatly reduce its lifespan.

Does SolarPowa 200 come with MPPT?

No, MPPT controller is usually found in power stations.


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