Who we are

BigBlue was founded in 2015. Since we were founded, we have been committed to developing energy storage products with better performance, newer design and higher safety factor. Up to now we have a team of more than 200 people, including more than 100 R & D personnel.

After continuous research and exploration, we have created a series of practical consumer electronics products such as solar chargers, desktop docking stations, energy storage systems, car chargers, micro USB cables, etc., which have brought convenience to more than 1 million customers in over 170 countries worldwide.

What we are doing 

But then we discovered that many families still suffer from energy problems. Although there are many rechargeable batteries on the market to charge cell phones and computers, they can never meet the home electricity demand, especially in case of power outage or emergency, people have to choose the bulky and environmentally unfriendly generator. When people go out of their homes and live outdoors without the grid, how do they get energy?

We realize that consumers were looking for a way to store enough green and clean energy in a portable generator that they can take anywhere. In 2017, our team began researching energy storage products and worked to develop a powerful, environmentally friendly and safe portable power station.

In 2020, the first portable power station Cellpowa 500 developed by our company was finally came out. After three years of continuous improvement and repeated testing, Cellpowa 500 is not only able to meet the energy needs of daily life, but also designed to be very portable to ensure it is also very easy to carry in the outdoors. In addition it has passed the PSE and FCC technical certification and several safety performance tests to make sure it can work safely in harsh environments.

We are currently designing an even more powerful portable power station that will reach an ultra 2500W output, and we have set up a Facebook group for the customers who are interested in it. We will post the latest news about the power station there, everyone is welcome to discuss and make comments. We will improve the product based on your comments and suggestions, and then randomly select the lucky ones among the participants to give out gifts! so let's look forward to its release in the near future.

What do we have

Since our establishment, we have been obsessed with growing our team, perfecting our experimental equipment. After years of development, we have already possessed advanced technology, a perfect R&D center and a number of authoritative certifications to protect the safety of our customers.

where are we going

In the future, we look forward to combining portable power stations with solar panels to create mobile solar generator and home backup powerwall, making green and clean energy available everywhere. In this way, we hope to provide enough electricity to households in power-poor areas and promote development. Let's build your living space and power the world!

Company finite, dream infinite

In addition, we are keen to contribute to social rescue operations, and hope our products can provide power support for people suffering from disaster!

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