• Fast Charge USB and 60W Type-C -1*USB port, 1*QC3.0 fast charging USB port (18W max), 1*DC port with Anderson connector and 1*60W Type-C Power Delivery

  • Smart Charging System - A smart chip technology to ensure a safe flow of energy through the USB ports and compensate voltage loss

  • High Energy Conversion - High-efficiency solar arrays that could offer up to 22% conversion

  • Wide Compatibility - Designed for rechargeable 12V batteries such as those used in boats, RVs or cottages and ideal emergency back-up for USB-charged devices when outage

  • Foldable and Durable Kickstands - Design with the kickstands can be used to mount the solar panel at an angle of 45° for maximizing output energy efficiency

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Powerful Functions

Provide safe and efficient solar power at home or offhttps://gem-3910432.net-grid outdoors, Monocrystalline solar panels have the longest life span and tend to perform better than similarly rated polycrystalline solar panels especially in low-light conditions.

PD 60W Type-c & QC3.0 Fast Charge

PD 60W and Quick Charge technology powers your devices faster than conventional charging, allowing you to spend less time for the full charging.

Wide Compatibility

Designed for rechargeable 12V batteries such as those used in boats, RVs.  Also ideal for emergency back-up and USB-charged devices tp prepare for any outage.

High Energy Conversion

BigBlue higher efficiency panels produce more energy with less space than other brand's lower efficiency models.

Easy to Carry

BigBlue 100W solar is designed with a durable TPR carry handle and is good for camping trips or temporary outdoor setups.

Convenient Kickstands

Strong kickstands set are built in to let you get more sunlight. Waterproof and durable fabric design are suitable for most any outdoor activity.

Is it waterproof?

It is water-resistant and ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking, picnic etc,  but please do not immerse it in water

Can it be used directly to charge phone and laptop?

Of course you can use PD 60W Type-C or USB cable to charge phone and laptop directly, but we do not recommend this, because mobile phones and laptops have low power, charging with 150W solar panels may damage the solar panels and reduce its life. We propose to use it with the power station.

How long is each cable?

DC-TO-DC Cable (100CM), DC-Anderson Cable (110CM), DC-TO-SAE+SAE-Clamp for Storage Battery (140CM)

Can I connect multiple panels together?

150W model can't but 100W can.

What is the operating temperature range for this product?

The working temperature range from -10℃-70℃, but you need to ensure there are enough sunlight.

Do the panels have auto-restart while in the sun?

Of course. It starts charging again the moment it produces enough output for the attached device to charge.


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