Neighbor is Using My Generated Powered, Weird but …

Retrofittable POWAFREE Balcony Solar

Published on Jan 5, 2024

For those already solar-powered home users, where does the excess power go? Especially when you are at work …to your neighbors or utility company?

Use your solar power only when you need it

In the past, electricity generated was immediately consumed, and any surplus during the day was sent to the public grid. However, POWAFREE 's robust battery storage, designed for balcony power storage, offers a solution. This allows you to use generated power when needed, even in the evening or in adverse weather, preventing the loss of excess power. By adopting balcony power storage, you not only save on electricity costs but also contribute significantly to climate protection, as one kilowatt-hour (kWh) of grid electricity results in approximately 420 grams of CO₂ emissions.

Benefits of having power storage?

A balcony power system with storage enhances your energy independence, reducing reliance on the fluctuating energy market. Traditional systems without power storage can only meet your energy needs when the sun is shining, necessitating expensive grid electricity during bad weather or at night. With storage, you gain the flexibility to utilize your generated electricity at any time, reducing dependence on electricity providers. 

Typically, solar systems generate more electricity than needed, especially during sunny days when consumption is lower. However, without storage, this excess power goes unused, and you end up relying on the grid during periods of low or no sunlight, such as evenings or peak load times. The POWAFREE Balcony System, priced at half the cost, offers up to 6000+ lifecycles, making it a cost-effective solution for balcony solar systems. 

Moreover, as of January 1st, 2023, the purchase of storage units from balcony power plants benefits from a VAT exemption (countries vary), enhancing the overall cost-effectiveness. All in all, we guarantee that the system will be free of defects for up to 10 years, backed up by exchanging a new one for any defects. Thus, no after-sales ‘service’.

Retrofitting your current solar modules 

POWAFREE PV-Route 800 is compatibly user-friendly, and easily integrated into most of the solar modules, via the provided MC4 cables. POWAFREE PV-Route 800 incorporates dual MC4 solar inputs, each equipped with its dedicated MPPT system. These channels support an input power range of 100-400W per channel, with a maximum input rating of 60V / 15A. 

No qualified electrician is required. You can make the connection yourself without any special knowledge or the help of a qualified electrician. Thus, no additional installation costs.

Simply pair it, plug in, and power up!

Okay, now onto the good stuff! Key takeaways:

  • Self-produced solar power is no longer lost but is instead stored

  • Suitable as a retrofit solution for existing balcony power plants 

  • No professional is required to install

  • Big budget for rooftop solar installation which with a larger Energy Storage System

  • Easily controlled via app

  • Ensure additional savings in CO2

POWAFREE Balcony Solar

  • Save self-produced solar power with easy storage

  • Upgraded solution for existing power plants

  • No professional installation needed

  • Budget-friendly alternative to rooftop solar