Cellpowa500 Features

Safer and More Efficient

Due to the material characteristics of the battery itself, the LiFePo4 battery will not catch fire even under the harshest conditions, and its cycle life can easily reach more than 2000 times, which is 4 times that of LiNiMnCo02 battery. Although it will be 20% heavier than other types of batteries, but from your safety point of view, we still chose this more expensive battery


Efficient BMS

Only battery packs and inverters cannot be regarded as a complete energy storage station. Our self-developed BMS is specially designed based on the 537.6Wh battery pack built into Cellpowa 500, it will manage the charge, discharge and health of the battery to ensure safety and efficiency while increasing the battery life

Build your solar Generator

Solarpowa 100 solar panel is specially designed to be charged with 24V maximum charging power to adapt to Cellpowa 500 portable power station. With Solarpowa 100 solar panel and Cellpowa 500, you can easily get solar power outdoors

What 537.6Wh&500W Do

Develop Your Living Space