• Mini Size Portable Solar Charger - Folding size is about 5.8x6.02x 2.12in and weighes only 0.8lb, it is small than a notebook to put in your backpack easily for hiking, camping, climbing etc.

  • High Efficiency - It features 4 pcs SunPower solar panels which can supply up to 24% solar conversion rate.

  • Smart and Safe - Built in SmartIC charging technology which can recognize your devices and provide safe charging wilth overcharging, overheating and short circuit protection.

  • IPX4 Water Resistance - Industrial-strength PET polymer fabric and IPX4 waterproof protect your portable solar panel from occasional rain or wet fog.




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Notebook Mini Size

High Efficiency

IPX4 Waterproof

Foldable & Portable

High Efficiency

It comes with 4 pcs SunPower solar panels to meet the high efficiency solar conversion rate up to 24%, and to ensure the stability and durability of power output.



4 SunPower solar Panels



Energy conversion rate up to 24%

Practical And Stylish

The portable solar charger is designed with delicated storage bag, comes with a sleek look. It can store your cables or cellphones which is a good use for outdoors.

Portable Mini Size

BigBlue SolarPowa 14 is a portable solar charger desinged for camping, clambing, fishing or other outdoor actiivitis, it can be folded as notebook size to put in your bag and take it anywhere.

In The Box

14w Solar Panel Charger*1

Carabiner* 2

USB A-to- Type-C*1

User Manual*1

Warranty Card*1

User Manual

Is this solar charger waterproof?

It can reach the IPX4 waterproof level, and comes with special PET polymer surface to protect it from occasional rain or wet fog.

What devices can it charges for?

There is one USB port (5V/2.4A) can power your Android/iOS cellphones, campimg flashlight etc.

Why my SolarPowa 14W sometimes can not charges?

When the solar light is insufficient, it may cause the solar charger to be unable to charge.

Why the solar charger can not reach the rated 14W when it works?

The solar charger is affected by many factors, such as the intensity of the light, the angle of the panel put on the ground and the surface temperature of the solar panels.

Can it be used in low or hot temperature environment?

SolarPowa 14W can be used at -10℃~60℃.


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