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BigBlue Glass Solar Key Chain


BigBlue Glass Solar Key Chain

Key Chain with Key Rings and Lobster Clamp | Height 20mm Glass Pendant


Indulge in the uniqueness of BigBlue Glass Solar Key Chain. Crafted from solar cells that were scrapped or damaged during the assembly of the iconic BigBlue SolarPowa and Bi-Flex solar panel series. We take pride in repurposing these materials and honoring their historical significance. We hope you appreciate this unique item.

Limited availability—grab yours before they're gone. Please handle it with care, as the delicate glass adds a touch of elegance to this distinctive accessory.

  • Unique Craftsmanship: Crafted from solar cells of SolarPowa and Bi-Flex series.
  • Historical Significance: Repurposed materials honor the legacy of these iconic solar panels.
  • Limited Availability: Get yours before they're gone—a unique item with a story to tell.