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POWAFREE Balcony Solar Pre-Order


POWAFREE Balcony Solar Pre-Order

2560Wh Battery Storage | Plug-N-Play | Freezing Temperature Operation | Smart App Control


Unleash the power of solar energy with the innovative balcony solar from POWAFREE. Affix to your balcony railing or privacy screen, then simply pair it, plug in, and power up! Grab the Super Early Bird Offer Now - Limited to Just 30 Units!

Note: local delivery for EU orders will start from mid-April 2024, with an estimated shipping time of 3-7 days.

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R800 + C2500R800 + C2500 + BF200 x2R800 + C2500 + BF200 x4R800 + C2500 + BF135 x4R800 + C2500 + BF100 x2R800 + C2500 + BF135 x2


BigBlue POWAFREE Balcony Solar


Advanced features, controls, and device information of the POWAFREE, such as panel productivity, storage capacity, and generated value, can be accessed in real-time through BigBlue's custom-specified app.


At the core of POWAFREE is the Cell-Pack 2500, one of the world’s first freeze-resistant battery packs. Plus, it is a high-level IP65-rated battery pack; weather-resistant and dust-proof. It's a valuable investment for a durable solar battery that's suitable for both indoor and balcony placement.


Save up to 39% on your electricity bills while reducing your carbon footprint by up to 650kg annually. Simply order, install, and begin generating green power with a commitment to sustainability.


Experience the innovation and hassle-free solar energy solutions - ideal not only for balconies but also ground-mounted gardens; and disassemble whenever you are on the move.




  • Cell-Pack 2500
  • PV-Route 800




Battery Type


Housing Material

Zinc alloy

Protection Level


Performance Warranty

10 years

Dimensions (L x W x H)

440 x 140 x 565mm


29.75kg (excl. the heavy-duty

 waterproof stainless base stand)


Input Power


Input Current


Voltage Range

44V - 58.4V


Output Power


Output Current


Nominal Voltage

44V - 58.4V


Operating Temperature

-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)

Storage Temperature

-20°C to 45°C (-4°F to 113°F)




Protection Level


Performance Warranty

10 years

Dimensions (L x W x H)

326.7 x 199 x 43.4mm




Rated Input Power

100 - 400W per channel (total two channels)

Input DC Voltage

12 - 65V

MPPT Voltage


Maximum Input Current


Number of MPPT

3 (2 @input, 1 @output)



Wireless Type

Bluetooth 5.0 & Wi-Fi 2.4GHz


Input Voltage

44 - 58.4V

Input Current

20A (max)

Output Voltage

44 - 58.4V

Output Current

20A (max)


Waterproof Plug


Output Power

800W (max)

Maximum Output Voltage


Maximum Output Current




Resource Hub

  • FAQs 

General Information

1. What is BigBlue POWAFREE Balcony Solar? 

POWAFREE Balcony Solar is more than just a power station. You are getting a compact energy storage system - a combo of a PV controller, solar battery, and flexible solar panels (recommended for separate purchase, available in 200W, 135W & 100W).

Homes with the POWAFREE installed rely less on the grid by capturing free power directly from the sun. Homeowners can take control and offset their power usage with solar panels and reduce their electric bills. Alternatively, you can use POWAFREE to store the excess generated power during the day (when you are at work) and use this stored power at night, which would enable you to achieve self-generation, self-consumption, and self-sustainable power.

NOTE: This product cannot be used during power outages. 

2. What is the main principle in designing POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

Nothing more than these two principles:

  • Reserve / spare extra power during the day for use at night – to earn & save your electricity bill.
  • Plug-N-Play & easy removal – for the benefit of new entrants and tenants. 

3. What does POWAFREE Balcony Solar consist of?

POWAFREE Balcony Solar consists of:

  • PV-Route 800, smart PV controller;
  • Cell-Pack 2500, LiFePO4 rechargeable home solar battery;
  • Bi-Flex Series, flexible solar panel (recommended for separate purchase, available in 200W, 135W & 100W).

4. What are the basic facts of the POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

The POWAFREE Balcony Solar comes with a 10-year performance warranty and is eligible for an additional 2-year extension when you register online. The system is designed for easy installation and removal, ensuring user-friendliness. Furthermore, it offers the advantage of 0% VAT and various other incentives, although the availability of these incentives may vary by country.

  • PV-Route 800: Smart PV-Controller | 800 watt-peak (Wp) | IoT App | Multi Operating Modes | Maximum Compatibility with Top-Brand Microinverters & Solar Panels | Trio Built-In MPPT | IPX7
  • Cell-Pack 2500: 2,560Wh LiFePO4 | 800W Output | Operation under Freezing Temperatures | 90% Round Trip Efficiency with 6,000+ Cycles | 90% Depth of Discharge | Approximately 0dB | Dustproof & Waterproof IP65
  • Bi-Flex Series: Marine-Grade | Maximum Energy 200W 12V | High-Efficiency Grade-A PERC >22.8% | Bi-Facial with Extra 30% | 3mm Thinness & 3.58 kg (BF200) Lightness | Multi Busbar Technology | Potential-Induced Performance (PID) Resistance 

5. Who needs POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

Everyone else from balcony tenants (new entrants), retrofitting (already solar-powered houses) to solar-savvy and DIY enthusiasts. Not to mention, all Mother Planet lovers.  

App Information

1. Where can I download the app to monitor the POWAFREE Balcony Solar? 

The BigBlue app can be downloaded on your smartphone from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Search for ‘BigBlue Energy’ to download.

You may also download the Android package from the BigBlue official website:

Or, scan the QR code below using your mobile phone to install the BigBlue app.

2. How can you utilize the power usage from the POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

There are three operating modes available:

- Self-Storage: Prioritize power storage (to the battery). Select this option if you want to prioritize charging the Cell-Pack 2500 until it reaches the charging limit. In this mode, the Cell-Pack 2500 will not discharge to the microinverter/grid.

- Self-Consumption: Prioritize power supply (to the grid). Select this option if you want to prioritize meeting the power consumption of the home. In this mode, when the power supply exceeds the demand for electrical appliances, the Cell-Pack 2500 will be charged. The Cell-Pack 2500 will discharge when the demand for electrical appliances is more than the power supply.

- Customization: Set your preferences based on time frames and wattage values. Seven customized settings can be added.

3. How can I access real-time data on the power generated by the POWAFREE system?

Advanced features, controls, and device information of POWAFREE Balcony Solar; like your power consumption,

storage capacity, and panel productivity to name a few, can be accessed in real-time from BigBlue ’s

custom-specified app – ‘BigBlue Energy’ over a Wi-Fi connection.

Operational Information

1. I am new to solar-powered, how do I configure POWAFREE Balcony Solar as my balcony power storage system?

BigBlue has streamlined the design and installation process to be incredibly easy to install, even for new entrants. No complicated wiring. Just pair it, plug it in, and power it up! 

NOTE: Check the local regulation on the upper limit allowed for solar system installation (with no permit required). If you are from the Europe region, the standard is 800W whereas the German standard would be 600W (but POWAFREE caters both). You don’t need to register with an operator as opposed to just the traditional roof- or ground-mounted solar systems.

2. During the daytime when I am at work, where does the solar power go if I don’t store it in POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500?

When the sun is shining, the power that is generated by your POWAFREE Bi-Flex 200/100 solar panels or other installed solar panels will either flow into your home grid or charge your POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500. You can switch between these operating modes from the ‘BigBlue Energy’ app, with the setting of day in conjunction with the specific times (have to pair with POWAFREE PV-Route 800).

3. During the night time when I am at home, how does my home get powered by POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

POWAFREE Balcony Solar is connected to your home grid via a microinverter (not supplied), converting the direct current (DC) to usable electricity for a home that is alternating current (AC).

At night, when there is no sunlight and no solar power is generated, your home will be powered by the home grid. Alternatively, your POWAFREE Balcony Solar offers a nice stand-in, supplying the power from POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500 – achieving a money-saving on your electricity bill.

NOTE: This 800W balcony power storage system is intended to remain compact, powering your residential appliances connected to your home's grid throughout the day. This approach ensures the complete utilization of captured solar power - eliminating concerns about selling excess power back to your utility provider and the associated regulations which are cheaper.

4. I have had my solar panel system installed and would like to store the extra generated power in a battery system. Can I pair it with POWAFREE Balcony Solar?

Yes, as long as your solar panel system meets the entry requirements to POWAFREE PV-Route 800. The maximum input should be up to 800W, within the voltage range (Voc) and short circuit current (Isc) respectively for:

  • Bi-Flex 200: 41.28V / 6.25A
  • Bi-Flex 100: 20.67V / 5.63A

The POWAFREE PV-Route 800 connects your installed solar panel to POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500, with another end to the microinverter.

NOTE: input voltage that exceeds the input range can cause permanent damage to the POWAFREE PV-Route 800

5. What should I do if my solar panels have become shaded?

Shade on your solar panels will reduce electricity production. Keep trees or other tall plants trimmed to prevent shade on your solar panel system.

6. Can I connect several solar panels to POWAFREE PV-Route 800?

The POWAFREE PV-Route 800 features two distinct groups of solar inputs. Each with 100-400W per channel, with an open circuit voltage spanning from 12V to 60V. It's important not to surpass this voltage range.

Extra Information

1. Can the POWAFREE Balcony Solar operate in the wintertime?

Thanks to the revolutionary and ground-breaking BigBlue ’s Complementary Optimization technology, the POWAFREE Cell-Pack 2500 continues to dis/charge even in below-freezing conditions when faced with extremely cold temperatures.  

2. What certificates does POWAFREE Balcony Solar offer?

CE, Rosh

3. Can I claim the tax rebate?

Every country or region varies. We can’t give tax advice. But in many cases, yes: this system qualifies for the 0% VAT.

Update #8

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

March 21, 2024

Update from our forwarder: shipment has touched down at the Poland seaport. Once customs clearance is complete, it’ll be on its way to our warehouse in Poland. Let's keep our fingers crossed that there are no disruptions in courier services, like strikes or labor disputes, which could affect local delivery. Peace and fingers crossed! 🤞

Update #7

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

March 8, 2024

As informed by our forwarder, due to Red Sea Shipping Disruption, expect delays. However, rest assured, we're closely monitoring the situation. Despite increased rates, all orders (except remote areas) have courier coverage. We're working hard to ensure smooth distribution, despite the GDL Strike affecting our EU backers.

Update #6

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

March 5, 2024

Exciting news from Freiburg, Germany! We've got a sneak peek at the POWAFREE Balcony Solar installation, and it's all about DIY brilliance. 

📷 Photo Credit: @Philipp Klein1979

Update #5

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

March 1, 2024

🔥Last Call, Ending Soon - Only 30 Super Early Bird Offers Remaining! 🔥 

What Do You Have to Lose?

✅ 10-year Base Warranty

✅ 2-year Extended Warranty

✅ 14-day Right of Withdrawal

Update #4

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

February 2, 2024

🚚🌟 Ready to Ship! 

Exciting News! After meticulous efforts to enhance our system, addressing supply chain challenges, and ensuring quality assurance, we've obtained the Certificate of Dangerous Goods. We're now set to begin shipping the first batch from the country of origin, PRC.

Update #3

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

January 31, 2024

Exciting News! 🎉 POWAFREE Balcony Solar now supports OTA updates! 

Enjoy peace of mind as we roll out new features and performance upgrades seamlessly, no door-knocking needed! 🌞💡 

Update #2

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

January 23, 2024

Experience the ease of solar with POWAFREE! Follow the simple steps to install POWAFREE balcony solar system and embrace clean, sustainable living. 🌞

Update #1

by BigBlue POWAFREE Team

January 4, 2024

🔋💰 Get ready to turn the tables on your electricity bill! In just over 3 years.

POWAFREE Balcony Solar starts paying you back. By the fourth year, it's all savings! Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our solid 10-year warranty. We're committed to your satisfaction. 💯🛡

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