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Extra Compact and Super Portable

With a volume of only 284*274*325mm(15.1*10.89*12.8Inch), the new CellPowa 2500 is the smallest portable 1800Wh Lithium Iron Phosphate power station on the market. 

1200W AC Ultra-Fast Charging Technology

Comes with the new Bullet-D fast charging technology, the AC input lets you seamlessly and quickly recharge your CellPowa 2500 from the grid, reaching 80% capacity in 1.5 hours.

Charing to 80% in 1.5 Hours

CellPowa 2500 supports up to six SolarPowa 200 or three SolarPowa 400 for 1200W charging, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of Bullet-D fast charging technology even outdoors, without waiting hours for reliable power when you need to power your adventure.

2500W Ultra High Power Output

Get Ready To Be Powered Up!

Featuring 6 AC ports, 2 USB fast charging ports, 2xPD 45W ports, and 2xPD 100W ports, leverage an output of 2500W which can go up to a maximum 5000W, supporting the requirements of pretty much every appliance.

10Ms UPS Function

CellPowa 2500 can automatically detect the grid and power up your devices within 10ms. Simply connect your device to the CellPowa 2500 and then connect the CellPowa 2500 to the grid, then your device will still work normally even if the grid is lost.

APP Wireless Control

Along with featuring its user-friendly on-device controls, CellPowa 2500 can also be controlled wirelessly through an app that gives you remote access to the power station’s recharging capabilities. Have your power station do what you need it to do!

Don't be Left in The Dark

See what you can run on the CellPowa 2500 with a single charge.

Does CellPowa 2500 work with my country's plugs/outlets?

CellPowa 2500 has 5 versions:

100V-120V: US/Canada version(60Hz), Japan version(50/60Hz),

220-240V: EU version(50Hz),

240V:UK version(50Hz)

220V: CN version(50Hz)

240V: AU version(50Hz)

220-240V: IL version(50Hz)

We will assign the appropriate version according to your country.

How long does the CellPowa 2500 take fully charged?

Using 1200W solar panel or 1200W wall outlet, CellPowa 2500 can be quickly charged to 80% in 1.5h and charged to 100% in 2h-2.5h.

Does BigBlue CellPowa 2500 AC plug use Modified-sine wave inverter or Pure-sine wave inverter?

BigBlue CellPowa 2500 AC plug is Pure-sine wave inverter.

Can I use a third part solar panel to charge it?

Yes, as long as the solar panel can support the input specifications of CellPowa 2500. CellPowa 2500 has 3xDC 7909 input ports, each one can receive 400W input power with 12V/65V, 10A, 3 DC ports should be 1200W, 25A in total.

What are constant voltage and constant power?

Constant voltage strategy: When the output is within 2500W, CellPowa 2500 defaults to constant voltage strategy to keep devices running at a stable voltage.

Constant power strategy: When the output exceeds 2500W, users can choose Constant power strategy to let the devices run.

Can I turn off the GPS on CellPowa 2500 APP?

Of course, you could enter the Location page on APP and turn off the GPS at any time.

Can CellPowa 2500 expand capacity and be used in parallel?

No, it Can't.


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